daughter and daughter-in-law who competed for the job of the deceased ..!

competed for the job of the deceased

daughter and daughter-in-law who competed for the job of the deceased ..!

With the untimely death of a government employee .. daughter and daughter-in-law squatted for the job of the deceased coming under compassionate appointment. The panchayat approached the court as it was not clear. After hearing the arguments of both parties, the Madras High Court finally reached a compromise between the two. The incident took place in the state of Tamil Nadu.

When a government employee from Tamil Nadu died, his daughter and daughter-in-law competed to get his job. They argued that they deserved the job more than they deserved. The court, after a lengthy hearing, resolved the new type of issue amicably. The tribunal reached an agreement between the two.

Arumugam, who was working as a Village Assistant, died in a road accident in 2019. His son had also died in the past. Daughter Gomati’s husband also died. She is staying with her family including her children. With the death of Arumugam’s son .. son’s wife Sangeetha’s life also became difficult. With this, she is asking authorities to give her the Arumugam’s job. At the same time, the daughter lost her husband and became a burden to the family. Arumugam’s daughter also wanted the job for herself.

With this, Arumugam’s daughter and daughter-in-law competed for the job. Authorities were also unable to do anything as a dispute arose within the same family. No one was able to correct it. Gomti and Sangeetha separately approached the Madras High Court as the government had not taken any decision in the matter. Their petitions were heard by Justice S Vaidyanathan. It was suggested that the two should sit down and talk about this and come to an agreement. Both agreed to the judge’s suggestion.

Gomati signed a contract with Sangeetha in this context. If she is given a job .. she says she will give 30 percent of her monthly salary for Sangeetha. Also, she agreed to pay Rs 20,000 a year for her children’s education. The judge approved the agreement between the two. Justice Vaidyanathan dismissed the two petitions. Gomati was ordered to cut 30 percent of her salary every month and deposit it directly in Sangeetha’s bank account.

Also, the judge advised the officers to take care not to obstruct technical aspects in the process of handing over the job to Gomati. The deceased Arumugam’s wife was also at Gomati. Suggestions were made to nominate for the job in the same way. Dharmasanam directed the Tamil Nadu government to appoint Gomati within three months. Authorities also felt relieved as the two-year-old dispute ended amicably.

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