CM Stalin’s initiative to distribute Rs.2,000 financial aid. First priority for the elderly in cash distribution

CM Stalin's initiative, DMK financial aid 2000

The newly formed DMK Tamil Nadu CM Stalin’s initiative to distribute Rs.2,000 financial aid:

The whole country is reeling from the coronavirus boom. On the one hand, the people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are suffering, and on the other hand, the financial difficulties are compounded by the imposition of the lockdown. Against this backdrop, the newly formed DMK government in Tamil Nadu came forward to provide corona assistance. The distribution of tokens to eligible beneficiaries started across the state from Monday so that they can be distributed smoothly without any hassles with the help of Corona. However, the cash distribution program was earlier launched at the secretariat of state chief minister MK Stalin. The tokens were then distributed by the respective ministers in the respective districts.

One by one, the DMK is fulfilling its promises not to come to power as part of the last election manifesto. It is known that CM Stalin’s initiative would provide financial assistance of Rs. 4,000 to the ration cardholders in the same order. As per that assurance, orders have been issued for the distribution of financial aid after he is now sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state. However, only Rs 2,000 will be given in the first installment. The remaining Rs 2,000 will be released after studying the state’s financial situation, he said. The government has taken precautions to prevent further cases due to the distribution of aid as the coronavirus is currently prevalent in the state. As part of this, the responsibility of distributing finances was handed over to the staff of the ration shops in the respective areas. This staff is issuing tokens to every household.

However, the program was started by Chief Minister Stalin. Some beneficiaries were invited to the secretariat and given Rs 2,000 cash. Beneficiaries who received this financial assistance thanked the Chief Minister. The issuance of tokens for the implementation of the scheme was started in all the districts after the CM wrapped up the distribution of financial assistance of Rs 2,000 in the Secretariat. Although the ministers formally inaugurated the district centers, the tokens will be delivered door-to-door by the staff of the ration shops. These tokens will be handed out for three days from Monday. After that, on the 15th, they can withdraw Rs. 2,000 from the ration shops in their area. The elderly will also be given first priority in this cash distribution. Similarly, women who come for cash should wear a face mask and social distance, officials said.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

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