CM Office Press release over lockdown guidelines in Telangana

CM Office Press release, lockdown guidelines in Telangana

CM Office Press release over lockdown guidelines in Telangana:

CM Office Press release after the State cabinet meeting, which is held at Pragathi Bhavan here on Tuesday under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao, has taken the following decisions on the lockdown and curtailment of the Corona Virus spread.

Cabinet Decisions on lockdown guidelines in Telangana,

The State Cabinet has decided to impose lockdown for ten days beginning from May 12 from 10 AM. The Cabinet also decided to give a relaxation period from 6 AM to 10 AM for the people for their general activities and needs. Only for these four hours, all the shops will be opened and they would close for the rest of 20 hours, as the lockdown would be imposed strictly.

The State Cabinet will meet again on May 20, would review the situation on the continuing of the lockdown, and take a decision accordingly.

The State Cabinet has also decided to invite global tenders to procure the vaccine on a war footing.

The State Cabinet has instructed Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar to make Corona-related medicines, Oxygen, and injections like the Remdesivir available for hospitals in the private sector along with the government-run hospitals.

The Cabinet also decided to constitute Committees with Ministers as Chairman in all the districts, along with the Collector, DMHO, Drug Inspectors. CM Sri KCR has instructed the Ministers to have a daily review meeting at their district headquarters on the Corona pandemic.

The CM from the Cabinet meeting spoke with the manufacturers of the Remdesivir injections and asked them to supply the required quantities of the injections to the State.

The Cabinet also approved the constitution of a Task Force under the Chairmanship of IT and Industries Minister Sri KT Rama Rao to ensure regular procurement and supply of the medicines and injections.

The other members of the Task Force include Principal Secretary (Industries) Sri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (GAD) Sri Vikas Raj, Principal Secretary (Panchayat Raj) Sri Sandeep Sultania, and CM secretary and Special Officer from the CMO on Covid Sri Rajasekhar Reddy.


Works related to the agriculture produce, allied sectors, work undertaken with the Agriculture Machines, Running of the rice mills, Transport of the paddy and rice, supplying Paddy to the FCI, Fertiliser and Seeds shops, Seed manufacturing companies, and other Agri based sectors.

The Cabinet has decided, keeping in view the welfare of farmers, to continue purchasing the Paddy.

Pharmaceutical Companies, companies manufacturing Medical equipment, Medical Distributors, Medical Shops, all types of medical and health services, Government and private hospitals, their staff. The staff and employees of these sectors would be given special passes and are allowed with their vehicles.

–>Supply of drinking water, sanitation works in rural and urban areas would continue.

–>Power generation, distribution, and allied services would also be continued.

–>Transportation on National Highways will be allowed as it is.
–>Petrol and Diesel Pumps would be open on the National highways.
–>Warehousing and cold storage activities are exempted.
–>Print and Electronic Media are exempted.
–>EGS works are exempted.
–>Government offices would work with 33 percent of the staff.
–>Like during the lockdown last time, Banks and ATMs would also work.
–>Only 40 members are allowed for marriage who got prior permission.
–>For funeral rites, 20 persons at the maximum are allowed.
–>It is decided to set up check posts on the borders of Telangana state.
–>Public transports like the RTC and Metro are available from 6 AM to 10 AM.
–>The Public Distribution System(Ration Shops) is opened from 6 AM to 10 AM.
–>LPG supply of the cylinders would continue as usual.

The Cabinet has decided to close down Cinema Halls, Swimming Pools, Clubs, Gyms, Amusement parks, and Sports Stadia. The State cabinet has instructed the DGP to strictly implement the lockdown following the Covid guidelines strictly.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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