Ongoing CID probe against Chandra babu Naidu in the Amravati land case

Chandra babu Naidu

The High Court has stayed the ongoing CID probe against Chandra babu Naidu in the Amravati land case. Chandra babu Kwash filed a petition in the AP High Court seeking dismissal of the case registered against him by the CID. Supreme Court Advocate Siddharth Ludra heard arguments on behalf of Chandrababu. Arguments on Chandrababu’s petitions have been going on since this morning. The judge asked the CID to show if there was clear evidence in the matter of assigned lands. The High Court questioned the CID officials as to what was found in the preliminary inquiry. However, counsel for the CID told the court that details could not be disclosed at the outset of the trial. He said all matters would be known if a full inquiry was allowed. However, the High Court did not agree with the CID inquiry and imposed a stay in the case.

Mangalagiri MLA Alla Rama Krishna reddy has lodged a complaint with the CID against Chandrababu and former minister Narayana for forcibly grabbing land from Dalits in Amravati and profiting from their benefactors. With this, the CID registered a case against Chandrababu under various sections. After discussing the matter with legal experts, Chandrababu filed a quash petition in the high court. The Andhra Pradesh High Court heard the case.

While Chandrababu registered CID cases on the 13th of this month, the real matter came out when notices were given to him. Section 166, 167, 217, 120 (b) of the IPC against Chandra babu Naidu Red, 34, 35, 36, 37, Section 3 of the Prevention of Harassment Act against SCs and STs (Section 3 (1), (f‌), (g), AP Cases were registered as per 7. The CID named Chandrababu as A1 in the case and former Municipal Minister P Narayana as A2. Also, some of the officers were included in the CID but did not disclose their names.

The officers who gave notice to Chandrababu to appear for trial at the CID regional office in Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada at 11 am on the 23rd of this month, warned that he would be arrested if he did not appear for the trial and was not satisfied with what was revealed during the trial. In this context, Chandrababu filed a quash petition in the High Court. After hearing the arguments of both parties, the High Court imposed a stay on the case. With this, Chandrababu got a huge blow.

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