Cabinet meeting on May30. Lockdown extension chances are more in Telangana

Cabinet meeting on May30

Cabinet meeting on May30. Continuation of the lockdown chances are more in Telangana:

Cabinet meeting on May30: The state cabinet is scheduled to meet on the 30th of this month. The meeting will focus on the severity of the coronavirus and the continuation of the lockdown as the lockdown ends in the state on the same day. 

The CMO said in a statement on Wednesday that a cabinet meeting would be held at Pragati Bhavan at 2 pm on the 30th. Purchases of Yasangi crops, seeds for the coming monsoon season, availability of fertilizers, and prevention of cultivable seeds will also be discussed at the meeting. 

The Cabinet, which met on the 11th of this month, took a crucial decision to impose a lockdown from the next day as the corona second wave intensity was high in the state. Meeting back on the 20th to discuss continuing the lockdown. 

However, on the 18th, the CM released a statement saying that the KCR lockdown was being extended for another nine days. The Cabinet meeting scheduled to be held on the 20th has been canceled. He spoke to ministers and said the decision had been made.

Chance to extend lockdown

Once again it seems likely that the lockdown will be extended. It is learned that the issue of extending the exemption time will also be discussed in the Cabinet as there is an exemption from 6 am to 10 am now.

Paddy cultivation is limited to 41 lakh acres!

With the onset of the monsoon harvest season, a key discussion will be held at the Cabinet meeting on the agricultural sector. It is estimated that 1.40 crore acres will be cultivated across the state during the monsoon season. 

The government plans to limit paddy cultivation to 41 lakh acres and promote cotton and sorghum as an alternative. The issue of raising awareness among farmers on this will be discussed in the Cabinet. Civil Supplies Corporation has announced that it has already procured 76 percent of the grain harvested during the Yasangi season. 

Although it has been announced that it will buy the remaining grain in another ten days, the practice is likely to be further delayed. If it starts raining already, there will be difficulties in moving the purchased grain. This will be discussed and decided at the Cabinet meeting.

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