The boy turned into girl with help of Cyberabad Transgender Community Desk

boy turned into girl, dignified living environment

The boy turned into girl. Cyberabad’s Police working on a dignified living environment for transgender people.

The help desk set up for transgender issues in the city is yielding good results. It was in this context that the police came to the aid of the boy who wanted to change as a girl.

In addition to creating a dignified living environment for transgender people, the Cyberabad Police’s efforts to crack down on bullies who harass them are yielding good results. The helpdesk, which was launched in this context, received seven complaints within 25 days. FIRs were registered on two of these complaints and counseling was conducted on five other complaints.

The tenth-class boy from the Gachibowli area in ​​Hyderabad has the most features as a girl. With this, the boy has decided to change gender and joined the transgender community in LB Nagar without saying parents and he left about 3-4 times and returned home with the help of the police. He fled to Siddipet a few days ago without telling anyone. The boy’s father lodged a complaint with Gachibowli PS and a Zero FIR was registered.

Transgender Helps desk staff immediately rushed to the scene, grabbed the boy from Siddipet, and gave him counseling in the presence of his parents then his parents eventually agreed as he insisted on becoming a girl. The Police advised him to get a job and said to live with dignity. Warned not to join any transgender group.

Transgender people should live politely. If someone is harassing WhatsApp no. 9490617121 or dial 100 or transgender help desk in Gachibowli or, Twitter @TRAN SGENDERCyb2, Instagram transgendercybsupport, Facebook-Transgender Cyberabad Support can be contacted. It was also clarified that people can complain through these forums if they face any difficulties from transgender people.

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