Bhatti Vikramarka anger on KCR

Bhatti Vikramarka anger on KCR

CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka anger on KCR:

Bhatti Vikramarka anger on KCR. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka said that CM KCR was not clear about water projects. Telugu Ganga started when NTR was the chief minister then KCR was the minister. He asked why the Telangana issue was not mentioned at that time. He said that the KCR graph has now fallen among the people and they are trying to provoke emotions among the people to cover it up.

Bhatti Vikramarka said at the Assembly media point on Friday … “The state of Telangana has brought in water, funds, and appointments. Our movements have started to use Krishna and Godavari waters for the benefit of the state on a large scale. But the unfortunate thing is that not a single drop of water is coming from these two rivers due to the projects started by the KCR government, ”he said.

“What did you do when the Telugu government started squabbling in 1985-86 when NT Rama Rao was the Chief Minister? KCR, who is the drought minister, initiated Pothireddypadu. He is responsible for it. Under your leadership, the pottery began. You have started the Pothireddypadu which brings drinking water to the city of Chennai at a rate of 15 TMCs per day through the 406 km long open canal. Because of the open canal, they put water in reservoirs and did not carry water so horizontally. What did KCR, who was a minister then, do? ” Bhatti flagged off the Chief Minister KCR.

Sadly KCR .. blame the Congress given by the state?

“The only projects started by KCR on the Krishna River are Palamuru – Rangareddy, and Dindi. A few thousand crores have been spent so far on these two projects. Have you irrigated at least one acre so far ?? If KCR does not provide water with new projects. 3.4 lakh acres with Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation built by previous projects, 3.7 lakh acres with SELBC AMR, 2 lakh acres with Nettempadu, total 9 lakh 10 thousand acres. Apart from these, 6 lakh 40 thousand acres were irrigated through Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal to 15 lakh 50 thousand acres before the arrival of KCR.

Emotions are provoked. They are looking to gain political advantage except for KCR. Stop for a year for political and economic purposes and now … opening up to new drama again. Speaking on the day the AP government gave the GO regarding the Rayalaseema Sangameswaram project in good faith to KCR. Why not talk until the end of the year. Sadly, you should blame the Congress party given by the state, ” Bhatti asked the CM KCR.

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