Bengal Elections Vs CPM Downfall – Tanmay Bhattacharya Assessment

Tanmay Bhattacharya Assessment

Bengal Elections Vs CPM Downfall by senior Leader Tanmay Bhattacharya Assessment

It is “it’s own mistakes”

A few days ago results to the West Bengal state assembly clearly show left showing almost zero success. Why? When this downfall began? What the probable reasons are? These questions are of general nature. Because Jyoti Basu ruled the state for a long time quite successfully. Party former MLA explains and present a blue print for future. Let us go through his opinions.

Complete defeat even in the recent elections should open the eyes of party leadership. Now 63 year old and a former Bank employee was DYFI president for a while and now District committee member was very clear in his opinions, of course, others may not accept. He feels the people of the state voted against Modi and his party as well as his leadership. In one way they gifted Mamatha with their anti-Modi votes. Whatever it is every party must accept the verdict. In any social fabric two aspects play major role. One is, feasibility and the other is requirement of the society. Only after having an analysis of these two issues any politically designs will take shape. Our party did nothing on them. They did not try to consider the views of the very people they have ruled for several years. In other words we want to impose our views on them. It is not a right approach.

The present leadership of joint action of Left parties did not try to find out whether the society of the day really wants our guidance or administration. Of course it is the prerogative the higher ranks in the front. If they have done any analysis on requirement aspect, they would not have come to the conclusion that a wider United front achieved the results in their favor.  If that was their opinion it is not correct. In case they have not done any analysis then, they have to publicly admit the failure. May be, they did not have done anything to read the people’s mind about feasibility or requirement of the party.

Coming to the point, Left aligning with nine different parties, it is a fact that seven of them work for Hindu backward castes or tribes. Just two work for Muslims. This Group known as Indian secular front, is not familiar within masses. At the best the name of Abbas Siddiqui is better known. When the other main contestants, TMC and BJP indulged heavily on communal points. His name only helped more polarisation than expected. In any of his speeches, he did not put forth his group’s demands. Though he is a good speaker and gatherings to his meeting were encouraging he failed to influence the voting pattern.

The most note worthy point for Left failure in West Bengal can be attributed to our past as well. What we said people could not understand. It is doubtful even we understood what we said. That means we did not understand people and they could not ours’s. Once we rejected PM post to Jyoti Basu. Later we decided to expel Somnath Chatterjee. Remember, after 1996 elections PM post was offered to Basu. But our leaders then rejected. Right or wrong after this decision, the Bengali pride began to erode. A little later, in 1998 and 1999 elections downfall started and vote share started falling. Some how party was lucky as leaders like Jyoti Basu, Anil Biswas managed to contain the loss. In 2001 elections the party faced very tough opposition. Buddhadev Bhattachary lead the party for a success. After 2004 election we had an offer to join the Government but we opted to give outside support only. Somnathji was elected as speaker. But soon we withdrew our support. The general people could not understand our logic. Soon he was expelled. Why?

Our story of losses started in the 2008 panchayat elections.

            Lost 2009 Loksabha elections.

            Lost 2011 Assembly elections.

            Lost 2013 panchayat elections.

            Lost 2014 Loksabha elections.

            Lost 2015 municipal elections.

            Lost 2019 Loksabha elections.

            Now the assembly elections.

Now after ten years or more, to lead the party towards recovery is not an easy task. May be for fifteen years, in other words a major part of our youth has to be directed to this end. In going forward no short cuts can be found. Only hard work, clarity of mind may take us in into the right path. Before that a perfect planning is needed. Data analysis, perfect planning and execution are right approach. We have to conduct regular workshops and motivate the cadre for the next elections. We can choose the probable candidates and allow them to work from now itself.  Social media is an important tool in the present day society. With professionals the social media group should work. Then we have to go to the very base of our Left that is labor organizations.

Bengal Elections Vs CPM Downfall by senior Leader Tanmay Bhattacharya Assessment

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Bengal Elections Vs CPM Downfall by senior Leader Tanmay Bhattacharya Assessment

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