Australia bans Indian flights till May 15

Australia bans Indian flights

Australia bans Indian flights till May 15: Corona’s second wave booms in India. Thousands of people die every day while millions of cases are being registered. At the moment, many countries have already banned passenger flights from India. Australia bans Indian flights and recently joined the list of banned aircraft.

Other countries are not allowing travelers from India to enter their countries as corona cases are on the rise in the country. In the wake of this, Australia also announced on Tuesday that it was imposing a temporary ban on direct passenger flights from India until May 15. The decision will be revealed later.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the decision was taken because of the threat posed by the virus from India. With this decision, thousands of Australian cricketers, including those currently playing in the IPL, will be stranded in India.

Australian cricketers have been concerned about the decision from the outset. Three cricketers have already gone home in this order. News has come that Warner, Smith, and the rest will go. They have not gone yet. With the recent decision of the Australian government. On May 15 they lost that opportunity. After that, however, Australia is likely to make a decision again depending on the circumstances. 

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