Arrest of two doctors selling fake injections

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Arrest of two doctors, fake injection manufacturing gang

The arrest of two doctors selling fake injections:

A fake injection manufacturing gang was caught and arrest of two doctors in the heart of the country’s capital. It is shocking to have two doctors in it. A delhi-based doctor found 3,293 fake black fungus injections in a raid by Crime Branch police. Following a complaint that liposomal and amphotericin-B fake injections used to treat blank fungus were being circulated, vigilante crime branch police raided and nabbed eight others, including two doctors who were preparing and selling them. Dr. Altamash Hussain, a resident of the Nizamuddin area, found and seized 3,293 fake injections in his house.

Patients have been known to gag as doctors have been exploiting them in the name of a treatment since the onset of the corona second wave. This is in addition to the fact that some people are making fake vaccines. Others are selling the vaccines they find on the black market at high prices. Governments have set treatment fees with Supreme Court orders as doctors demand large sums of money for the treatment of new variants such as corona as well as a black fungus. Doctors, medical staff, medical reps, and drug dealers, who are in the habit of making money by displaying treatment fees on notice boards, are being punished in various ways.

It is alarming that two doctors are the main culprits in this fake injection manufacturing gang. The police are trying to get the details of where the gang has been selling since when. The case is being registered and investigated under various sections of the Corona Pandemic Act.

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