AP Borders closed from today

AP Borders closed

AP Borders closed from today, CM Jagan directed the district collectors:

The curfew will take effect in Andhra Pradesh from 12 noon on Wednesday. Authorities announced that the borders would also be closed as part of this. He said vehicles would not be allowed into the state. 

The only exceptions are emergency vehicles, goods, and transport vehicles. It was clarified that there would be no permission for any other vehicles. These restrictions last for 2 weeks.

AP Borders closed Curfew regulations are in place,

The government said the curfew would continue from today until the 18th of this month. Closing of state borders after 12 noon today

Government orders exempting many departments from the curfew.

Exemption for print and electronic media from curfew

Exemption from curfew for telecom, internet, broadcasting, IT services

Exemption from curfew for banks, LPG, CNG, gas outlets

Exemption for power generation, distribution, and supply companies from curfew

Exemption for water supply, sanitation, warehouses, security services

The government has directed air and railway passengers to show tickets

Exemption from curfew for industries, agriculture, and allied sectors

Exception for public and private hospitals, doctors, and staff

Order to wear identity cards as a matter of duty during arrival hours

Corona restrictions on weddings, festivities, celebrations

Permission to celebrate already arranged weddings is mandatory

Restrictions not to exceed 20 members for weddings and other good deeds

The government stated in the directives that Section 144 should be enforced throughout the day

CM Jagan directed the district collectors and heads of the respective departments to strictly enforce the corona restrictions.

Telangana Night Curfew details.

Also, know more about Covid 19 updates in Telangana.

Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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