Ambani had done big fraud

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Then Vijay Mallya, now Ambani had done big fraud. Reliance Group evades Rs 86,000 crore. An irreparable loss to a bank.

If an ordinary person would take Rs 10,000 from banks, they will call 100 times, If not paid banks that are annoyed and then issue notices.

debts of lakhs of crores of rupees belonging to corporates but they are not taking serious action. Chairman of Reliance Group Anil Ambani has in evading loans to banks Kingfisher surpassed Vijay Mallya. Three companies in the Reliance Group are State Bank of India (SBI) including two other banks in the thousands of crores. Reliance‌ Communications, Reliance Infratel, Reliance Telecom almost Rs 86,188 crore. Compared to Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi cheating National media outlets reported that Ambani had gone more than 10 times.

The companies were sued by SBI, Union Bank of India (UBI), and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) under the Bankruptcy Act. Anil Ambani recently told a British court that his net worth had dropped to zero, according to an Economic Times article. Banks have asked the courts to conduct an in-depth inquiry into the three companies resorted to. 

Reliance Communications alone owes Rs 49,193 crore, the company said on its site. Reliance Telecom and Reliance Infratel owed Rs 24,306 crore and Rs 12,687 crore respectively. The total debt of the three companies stood at Rs 86,188 crore yet. ‘Spectrum’ fees are Rs 28,837 crore. Including Mallya interest, Rs 9,000 crore, Neerav Modi Rs 7,409 crore fraud It is known. Compared to them, Ambani frauded the banks 10 times than others. Experts say this is an irreparable loss to the banks.

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