Alekhya Harika stepped down from Brand Ambassador post of TSTDC

Alekhya Harika

Bigg Boss Season 4 contestant, popular YouTube star Dethadi Harika alias Alekhya Harika has made a shocking decision. The Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) announced on Wednesday night that she was stepping down as brand ambassador.

To this end, she posted a video on her Instagram page. She revealed that she hopes everyone will understand her decision.

“Hello everyone, a little news to share with you. You all know what happened since I was selected as the brand ambassador for TSTDC on International Women’s Day. For some reason, I did not continue in that position. I am stepping down from that position. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me. From here, I’m going to focus more on our series. I hope everyone understands the decision I made, “Harika said in the video.

It seems that Harika has resigned from the post as she is upset over the criticism coming on her appointment as TSTDC brand ambassador. Everyone is in a frenzy after Uppal Srinivas Gupta, chairman of TSTDC, announced the appointment of Harika as TSTDC’s brand ambassador on Women’s Day. It has been reported that Uppal Srinivas Gupta has appointed Harika as the brand ambassador without giving any information to Tourism Minister Srinivas Yadav or CMVO officials. The minister, who is serious about this, also said that he had sought an explanation from CS Gupta. Harika’s profile was also removed from the TSTDC website.

However, Chairman Uppal Srinivas Gupta told a press meet yesterday that there was no truth in reports that TSTDC had removed Alekhya Harika as a brand ambassador. He said the ministers and higher-ups have been approached to appoint Dethadi Harika as a brand ambassador. However, Gupta said that some haters were spreading rumors that they had removed Dethadi Harika. But, it is noteworthy that the day after he spoke to the media, Harika announced that he was stepping down.

In fact, many are objecting to the appointment of Dethadi Harika as the TSTDC brand ambassador. The brand ambassador is being questioned on social media as to what she deserves. Malavath Poorna, who climbed the mountains like Everest and Kilimanjaro at an early age and universalized the glory of Telangana, was chosen as Miss India. They were asked how they could hire YouTube star Dethadi Harika who is not them. Perhaps Harika would have been offended by all these criticisms.

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