‘Ever Given’ need to pay 7500 crores as Fine

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7500 crores as Fine, compensation for the damage

Ever Given need to pay 7500 crores as Fine and this is compensation for the damage: 

It is known that the Ship Ever Given, which was transporting in the Suez Canal, got stuck when it accidentally sank. The incident took place on the 23rd of last month. The issue of the ship has been widely discussed around the world. 

International trade has been severely affected by the stuck of this huge cargo ship carrying goods between Asia and Europe. Experts worked for almost a week to bring a part of the ship back to life after it sank. 

It is known that the huge ship was later brought back into the canal and moved to Greater Bitter Lake.

The real problem came at a time when we thought the story was over. The Egyptian government has ordered the ship’s owners to pay billions of dollars in compensation for the damage caused by the stuck. The Ever Given ownership is in talks with Egyptian government officials over the compensation. 

Egypt officials have made it clear that they have suffered losses as the Ever Given ship has been stranded across the Suez Canal for a week and will not be allowed to leave until one billion dollars in compensation is paid. And it remains to be seen when Ever Given will resume its journey, as a result of these discussions. 

The billion-dollar fine imposed on the ship in our currency, a lump sum of Rs.7500 crores. Your doubt, the reason for imposing such a fine. The damage caused by the stuck is not all that much. But, 9 billion dollars a day, which is about Rs. 65 thousand crores. As a result of the stuck, about 369 ships were stranded on the canal.

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