The Scheme in the post office is reached by Rs.5000 returns per month

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5000 returns per month, they want to invest

The Scheme in the post office is reached by Rs.5000 returns per month: Many schemes are available in posters in the post office so that people can increase income further. However, there is a good chance of those who want to have the money in hand and where they want to invest. An option is available in the postal branch for them. In addition, it can get revenue without any difficulties.

The Monthly Income Scheme is one of the many schemes offered by the postal branch. Every month can come if this scheme is reached. Single or Joint Account can also be opened. You have a chance to invest at least Rs.1000. However, if you have a thousand rupees, it will not be what benefit you get. You can maintain up to Rs 4.5 lakh in a month’s income scheme from the post office. Joint Account while Rs 9 lakhs will also be deposited. Have to put money in at once. There will be a chance to get revenue every month later. This scheme corresponds to senior citizens to employees who are retired.

You can join this scheme to increase the revenue. You can go to the post office and join the Monthly Income Scheme. ID card, Address proof, two passport sizes will be available. The Monthly Income Account can open the form in the post office. You can withdraw the invested investment money after five years. Until the end of the interest will come.

For example, you open the Joint Monthly Income Scheme Account in the post office and receive Rs. If you want to have a 9 lakh deposit .. you’ll have Rs 59,400 thousand interest in the year. This may receive Rs.5000 returns per month. Currently, this scheme is available for Rs 6.6 interest. The full details of this can go to your nearby post office. The same comes up to Rs 2,500 per month if you have Rs 4.5 lakhs. You can also change the money to you on the overall basis that deposits.

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