2 thousand people vaccinated with salt water‌

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2 thousand people vaccinated with saltwater

2 thousand people vaccinated with salt water‌:

2 thousand people vaccinated with saltwater. On the one hand, people are having serious problems with the corona, on the other hand, some are cashing in on these conditions. The fake vaccine case has come to light in Mumbai. After taking over 300 vaccines at a housing society in the city, the matter came to light with suspicion of no symptoms. Police are currently arresting and investigating 10 people in connection with the incident.

Counterfeit vaccines in the city..saltwater or saline‌?

Mumbai police suspect that the accused gave the people saltwater or saline as a vaccine. Also, Rs 12.40 lakh was recovered from the accused and the bank accounts of the main accused Manish Tripathi and Mahendra Singh were blocked, police said. He said there were 9 fake vaccine camps in the city. The scam came to light last week after a housing society in Kandivali, Mumbai, lodged a complaint.

According to residents of the Hiranandani Heritage Residents Welfare Association, some of the staff at a private hospital in the city set up a vaccination camp and say they were guilty of the scam.

One of the residents, a filmmaker, complained that “we had doubts as to whether we had actually injected Covishield or glucose”. According to the initial estimates of the police, the gang was found to have given fake vaccines to more than 2,000 people.

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